Girls Dating Girls, Femmes in Tuxes, Cats and Dogs Living Together!

In response to that really weird high school whose board decided to ban same-sex dating and girls wearing tuxes to prom, then decided to cancel the whole thing instead, AutoStraddle wants to know: if you’re a girl, did you take a girl to your prom?

If so, you can submit that lovely picture to their gallery! Here are some examples (scaled down; full-size and many more pictures available at the Autostraddle gallery):

Names will not be revealed.

My gods, was prom always this chintzy?

Yes. Yes it was.

More at Autostraddle. Some of those tuxes are quite sharp. And some aren’t. About the same ratio as for guys at my prom, from what I recall. It’s amazing what a good tailor will do for you, girl or boy.

I don’t have any prom pictures, unfortunately. Not that I would want to have them.