New on Kindle: February 4th – 9th

Newton’s Cannon by J. Gregory Keyes

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Finally, the first book in the Age of Unreason series is here, based on the question: what if Isaac Newton discovered the laws of Alchemy rather than Gravity? The answer: international magic mayhem.

The second book, A Calculus of Angels, is also available in the Kindle store.

The Walls of the Universe by Paul Melko

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Expanded from the original Nebula-nominated, Hugo-nominated, and Sturgeon finalist novella, The Walls of the Universe is a story about John and Johnny, each an alternate of the other in another world, who end up trading places. John goes off to explore the multiverse; but unfortunately for him, he finds out too late that the return home is impossible, and Johnny takes over his original life.

Kiss of a Demon King by Kresley Cole

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Sabine is no innocent sorceress; she summons and binds a demon king to do her bidding. Unfortunately, she falls in love with warrior (and the heat turns up, of course)… and the demon king ends up binding her instead.

The Blackgloom Bounty by Jon F. Baxley

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An epic and large fantasy novel, and the beginning of a new series. In medieval Arthurian Britain, a former apprentice of Merlin must destroy a renegade mage, and must turn to young Danyin, who holds the key to the Blackgloom Keep.

The Feline Wizard by Christopher Stasheff

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Part of the Wizard in Rhyme series, wherein Matt, a doctoral student in our world, is transported to an alternate history medieval Europe, where magic is real, and so are God and the Devil. In The Feline Wizard, Matt is now a Royal Magician with his very own apprentice, a feline wizard who suddenly goes missing.

The novels in this series, most of which are unfortunately not available on the Kindle yet:

  1. Her Majesty’s Wizard
  2. The Oathbound Wizard
  3. the Witch Doctor
  4. The Secular Wizard
  5. My Son, the Wizard
  6. The Haunted Wizard
  7. The Crusading Wizard
  8. The Feline Wizard

Primal Needs by Susan Sizemore

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Part of the vampire romance Prime series/universe, featuring a vampire magician and former telepathic werewolf whisperer, who falls in love with a sexy female werewolf.

Other books set in the same universe available on the Kindle:

Dragonstar by Barbara Hambly

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The fourth and final book in the Winterlands series, where Barbara Hambly does dragons. So far the other three (Dragonsbane, Dragonshadow, and Knight of the Demon Queen) aren’t yet available on the Kindle, and this is probably not a series to start this late.