Actually Short: My Internet Rules (Inspired by Fandom Wank)

When interacting with people on the internet these days, I do my best to remember these tenets:

1) Will what I’m about to say end up on Fandom Wank, and not in a good way? If so, what I’m about to express is RAEG!!1!! and not legitimate anger.

2) The only proper way to react to RAEG!!!11!! is to grab the popcorn and wait for the show to appear on Fandom Wank.

ETA: These rules also apply to stupid as well as RAEG.

Being able to discern what falls under RAEG!!!1!!!1! and “rage” means hanging out on Fandom Wank for a while and processing/analyzing what you see (make sure you don’t fall into RAAAEEEEG!!!11!1!! because wanking on wanks definitely falls under tenet #1).

Make sure you’re not drinking anything during this time.

For historical study, check out the Fandom Wank Wiki.