You Fail Asking Me for a Review Forever

Dear Self-Published Author Looking for a Review:

Look. I don’t mind readers of my blog thinking I’m male, because it’s an easy mistake to make in a default-white-male society, especially as I neither discuss my gender in detail nor do I put up pictures of myself. (I don’t like it, but understand it.)

But if you’re asking me to review your work?

It’s called research, you fucking idiot.

Also, I have no idea why you view “Arachne” as masculine. Even if I were a male drag queen, I’d have chosen the name for the complete opposite reason.

Don’t even bother to mansplain to me how I should consider being addressed as male an honor. A male-identifying person gets pissed if you call him “Miss”, I can get pissed if you call me “Mister.”

Good gods.

Also, not the first time this happened.


And no, I will not review your work.