Breathing Space

Looking out over Puget Sound

Just finished Tobias Buckell‘s spectacular anthology, <a href=";Tides from the New Worlds, and I’m very impressed. I’ll be reviewing it for soon.

But, like all good books, I’m taking a breather before I review, so that the themes and ideas provoked can percolate for a bit. This is true even for movies. This is true even for explody summer action movies. I think a lot when confronted with just about any kind of narrative.

Anthologies are the hardest to coalesce thoughts over, even when they’re just single author collections.

Sometimes I’m concerned about moving to the next work in my schedule, as if I’ll forget everything about whatever I just finished. But I’ve discovered that intervening time and works almost make no difference, even over months. I don’t need freshness—I need aging, like wine. Or cheese. (Although there’s a limit. I can’t imagine going for a year without hitting whatever expiration date is in my head.)

I will say, before the review comes out, that the last story in Tides from the New Worlds made me cry, but in a good way.