On the FTC Thing

If you’re a blogger, you’ve probably heard about the Federal Trade Commission deciding to come down on blogs without paid editors and whether they got a free copy of things they review. (For more information, see this interview with Richard Cleland of the FTC.)

I’m not that worried about disclosing whether I got free copies of stuff I reviewed on my blog (answer is: generally no, because eArcs are very rare) rather than for Tor.com. I’m not even upset that edited blogs don’t need to comply.

I just wonder if this means that non-professional bloggers will stop receiving free products. That, really, is the question.

At some point (before December 1st) I will finish editing the S∂ reviews and note whether they were products I paid for, received via Hugo packet (which is a variant of “paid for”), free products, or were Tor.com reviews (not covered by FTC law).