#$%@ Tonsilith

I really hate these things.

Thus far, they have really only cropped up during the following times:

  • Eating dairy, intentionally or by accident. Since I went to a dairy-free diet, they’ve reduced in size.
  • Eating wheat or gluten, intentionally or by accident. Since I went to a wheat-free/gluten-free diet, they’ve reduced in frequency.
  • When I get sick.
  • Apparently when I eat anything involving oats. This makes me depressed, as I found a fruited oatmeal recipe I really like. I wonder if I can adopt it to something else, like Bob’s Red Mill’s Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal, which doesn’t give me problems.
  • When I eat anything involving popcorn. Of course, I used to eat only popcorn flavored with cheese, so perhaps the uncheesed kind will let me be happy. On the other hand, I can flavor gluten-free/wheat-free tortilla chips with cheesy-like nutritional yeast and a few spices, so screw the popcorn.
  • Red onions. Not white onions. Not yellow onions. Red onions. I have no idea what the heck is up with that.

Almost all of these basically sound like either infections or allergic reactions of some type or other. I notice that my tonsils are a bit smaller and more out of the way when I stick closely to my diet (and read all ingredients to everything to find out whether something has any dairy/wheat/gluten at all, which I sometimes forget) and I’m healthy (which my current diet is surprisingly helping me out with, and which I plan to stick with after I hit my target weight, because it’s nice to get sick less often).

My holy grail is to reproduce, somehow, a “swiss” mushroom hamburger with gluten-free/wheat-free bun.

Anyways, thank goodness for monoject syringes with slightly curved ends.