A Funny Thing Happened to Me at the Grocery Store the Other Day

Although how funny it is depends, I think, on your point of view.

Warning: this is inspired by International Blog Against Racism Week, though I’m not sure it really fits the theme, and anyways it’s full of uncomfortable things which may make you think way less of me, but I don’t really care, because you can’t think less of me than I already do.


I was chillin’ in an Asian gift store, because I wanted some wall hangings. Said store also happened to sell cosmetics, kitchen items, a gazillion Hello Kitty horrors, health and beauty items… really a very nice store, if heavy on the Sanrio kitsch.

A nice white lady came up to me, maybe in her 20s to 40s, I’m not one to judge, and said, “Oh! I have to ask you a question. Do you know the name of this kind of skin cream that all the pretty young Asian women are using?”

Now that was… awkward, although she didn’t seem to notice. Why should she?

“… No?”

She looked vastly disappointed. “Oh, I thought you’d know.”

As if there was some kind of telepathy between young Asian women.

Wouldn’t it be weird if I came up to a random white teenager and said, “Oh! Do you know the name of this lipstick that all the hot white chicks are using?” But it’s not weird if that lady asks me, because as we all know, Asians are all alike.

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