My Loyalty Can Move Mountains

xkcd rocks so hard. This is my favorite part of one of the recent xkcd comics:

My job is not completely like this, except when it is.

One of the main reasons getting published would be a conflict of interest for me is because my employee contract explicitly disallows any moonlighting, and any book contract would fall under the category of “second job.” Selling short stories or blogging a little bit for, on the other hand, do not conflict; I don’t have obligations on the level of hundreds of thousands of words delivered yearly. Authors work hard, yo.

Most people would get upset, I suppose, if they had such restraints on their lives. I don’t really, because there are very good reasons someone in my position shouldn’t moonlight. There’s a lot more riding on me than the uptime of cat blogs. Which is why I like my job and will probably never leave it willingly (which is very unlike most of my colleagues, who look at jobs in terms of 4-5 year spans, and get bored after three).

Still, I get a little sad about it from time to time.