Glutten-Free Tales #2: Screw You, Guar Gum

So last time I had some, ah, digestive distress after eating a gluten-free bread with guar gum in it. If you google for guar gum laxative, well, there you go. Supposedly small amounts of guar gum, as used in baking, should not result in a laxative effect, but Cybele Pascala compared xanthum versus guar in gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. So yeah.

Anyways, I’m not using Bob’s Red Mill’s pre-made gluten-free bread mixes—nor other pre-made gluten-free bread mixes, as many (if not all) use guar gum. Sigh.

However, I did turn to using a GF sandwich bread recipe from Bob’s Red Mill anyways for my second attempt at gluten-free, guar-gum-free bread in the Zojirushi Mini Home Bakery, along with some other tricks.

I know the recipe is made for a conventional oven, but the wonderful thing about bread machines is that you often can just use straight conventional recipes straight. Just make sure you put the ingredients in the pan in the order that the manufacturer suggests, not the recipe.

This is getting longs—pictures and stuff beneath the cut.

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