D&D Adventure Game Deck Generator

Miss the spiders when you’re playing Wrath of Ashardalon? Want curses while playing Castle Ravenloft? This deck generator is for you: it creates a mix of encounter and monster cards from WoA and CR.


3 thoughts on “D&D Adventure Game Deck Generator

    • The event deck is troublesome, I admit. I based it off one of the promo adventures, but it seems like I’ve gotten the mix wrong/impractical.

      The monster deck is at least easy: include all copies of a monster that you have. :)

      I’m revamping the script with Legend of Drizzt and will revisit how to create a good mixed event deck.

  1. Curious, taking any requests?
    Could you show the card number(s)?
    Could you clarify from the comment above, how exactly does each deck get created? And is this for random dungeon crawl or to use this instead of the default deck with official scenarios?

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