NaNoWriMo: 38,155

Got quite a bit done today, so I feel a little better. I burned through my half-outline too quickly, though, and ended up stopping short of my 8k target. Tomorrow I plan to do a partial outline twice as long; maybe I’ll be able to keep going through it…

First line of this chunk:

One Sunday afternoon, when I came back to the room after a filling lunch and saw V9432 still stretched out on the bed in the same position, with the black fibers starting to crawl up the cable and out of the access wound, I decided to head back downstairs.

Last line:

I just wasn’t sure that he was always _on_ my side.


I don’t feel like dancin’ — I feel like writing!

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: 38,155

  1. Thanks!That’s an interesting idea. Random Book Snippets With Pictures.You could do them for literary classics, thrillers, etc. Throw a bunch of books into a stew, pick out some nice quotes, draw pictures, make little coffee table book, done.They do little quote books but not as often as they should. And often they are not illustrated either. Sigh.

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