DGA Negotations: Not Yet

From a current press release from the DGA:

Although the DGA has a long history of early negotiations, this year we held off starting our own formal talks with the AMPTP for two months out of respect for our sister guild. Instead, we watched the writers’ negotiations closely while preparing for our turn at bat.

Because we want to give the WGA and the AMPTP more time to return to the negotiating table to conclude an agreement, the DGA will not schedule our negotiations to begin until after the New Year, and then, only if an appropriate basis for negotiations can be established. If that’s the case, then the DGA will commence formal talks in the hope that a fresh perspective and the additional pressure we can bring to bear will help force the AMPTP to settle the issues before us in a fair and reasonable manner.

This is a good sign; the DGA and the WGA are, for the moment, in tandem with each other as far as negotiation schedules go.