Friday items from fellow Debaclers! No microfiche reader necessary.

(Hey, it’s a random word generator for nouns starting with ‘f’.)

From MyMidnightMuse:
When the Stars Walk Backwards, Chapter 3
When the Stars Walk Backwards, Chapter 4

Two for one this week at Kristine’s!

“He lies.” Bryce looked up, meeting Mac’s gaze. “I used to think computers couldn’t do that, but I know he does, sometimes.”

Mac sighed and leaned forward, setting his water bottle down. “Years ago, when they first had success with these artificial intelligence units, they had some problems. Manufacturing something with a sense of self is asking for trouble, in my opinion. But they didn’t ask me.” Bryce nodded, and set his empty bottle on the step beside him. “We found the records Five was keeping had been heavily encrypted, which goes against everything he was designed for.”

“He always told me his memory was damaged. Was that true?” Bryce’s face took on a determined look. “Did he remember what happened to everyone?”

“We think so.” [more]

Upon Reflection: Literary Doodling, Part 3:

Ed finds a surprisingly relevant entry in an old 1985 journal:

I lit a cigarette in my cupped hands. Underway, smoking at night on deck is forbidden, but we were at anchor with our warning lights glowing. Still, I was quite certain that with each puff of the cigarette my face lit up like a lighthouse beacon, alerting my presence on deck to any ship on the horizon. [more]

Thingymablog: I Can Haz Charlz Dickenz?:

Mary does it again! With pictures! Kitteh Klassiks: A Tail of Two Kitties!

Dis kitteh smart.
Dis kitteh, not so much.


Castle Debacle: Alternative Media:

Lori has an open discussion about the future of short fiction.

In yesterday’s Guardian, there was a rant about advertising on the back of tube tickets being equated to great underground literature. This got me thinking on an unrelated tangent.

More and more markets are coming forward to present readers with readily available fiction. [more]

Spontaneous Derivation: Crime and Violins, Part 4:
500 words every Friday. Sometimes, that doesn’t seem to be enough.

“Look, I’m no crime-fighting hero,” said Zene. “I just play the damn cello as damn well as I can. You’re going to have to find another sap for the detective bit of the business, Arcady.” [more]

And remember: Fiche for the Future!