My Artificial Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Bad-Ass Tree of $40

Huzzah, pictures! Unfortunately, grainy because of the low light conditions, but you can get an idea of what it looks like:

Pre-lit artificial tree: normal + fiber optic
Bird with all options
With both the normal lights and fiber optic lighting on.
Pre-lit artificial tree: fiber optic only
Bird in a fiber-optic land
With just the fiber optic lighting. Looks kind of Digital Blasphemy-ish.

I love my tree! It rocks!

The bird is the only distinguished ornament. The rest are 16 not very exciting ball-type ornaments with simple designs–plastic, not glass, so they’re “shatter-proof” as the packaging proclaims… ookay–and 20 candy canes of all flavors.

The best thing I love about my tree is the fiber optic lighting. With it around you don’t need garlands or tinsel, both of which are extremely annoying to handle (and clean up, in the case of the latter).

Anyways, there is my tree. Admire it. I know I do.

4 thoughts on “My Artificial Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Bad-Ass Tree of $40

  1. That’s an awesome tree! Mine is all silvery. It’s much prettier than the tree that the rats ate.Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks, guys! I’ve seen silvery trees and white trees–I thought those were pretty cool! But sadly here even when marked down they were still $80 or so.Everyone should have bizarre cool artificial trees.

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