WGA Strike: Someone (AMPTP?) Asked Google to Shut Down UnitedHollywood Blog… and Google Did It

What the hell, it’s been a while since I posted something full of linkery dealing with the WGA strike, and it’s been a freaking fun day.

In what I can only call Extremely Stupid and other bad words, Google shut down the United Hollywood Blogger Blog at the request of the someone in favor of the AMPTP; they had flagged the WGA blog as “spam” and Google enacted the usual bureaucracy without a human eye review.

A flagged blog can no longer update until 4 days have passed for review. False flagging has actually been something of a problem, and is usually used as blog war tactics. Immature tactics.

Yeah. Well.

I’m going to assume it was some underling (official or not) who thought this was a brilliant idea.

Thanks to the LiveJournal community, wga_supporters, United Hollywood was unblocked within a day.

However, there have been reports that AMPTP members are checking out the MySpace profiles of various members of wga_supporters. These are IPs from places like Time Warner, so these are official underlings.

And since LiveJournal now has a similar policy of flagging blogs that Google’s Blogger does, it may be the case that something incredibly stupid will be committed by some AMPTP underling within the next few weeks.

What, oh what, could drive some AMPTP underling to temporarily (I assume) lose all common sense?

Why, these lovely news tidbits today.

And that’s a wrap for tonight.