Passing the Three Month Mark: A Retrospective

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The first three months of blogging is hard.

I started this blog on October 10th, 2007. I started with a default Blogger template, with the same green Tic Tac theme that Miss Snark used.

Here is a sampling of the last three months, with running commentary.

  • Oct. 10: Chinese Tonic Soup. I had nothing else at the time. You wouldn’t believe how popular that post is on Google searches. And yes, the soup is good; when I stopped taking it, I got sick repeatedly. Going to start taking it again once I’m up to making it.
  • Oct. 11: Flickr has won. The first day I was on Blogger, the image uploading had stopped working, which quite hampered the pictures of the previous day’s odd ingredients. These days it’s Photobucket first, Flickr second, and Google’s Picasa dead dead last.
  • Oct. 11: Thousand Hand Guanyin. One of the most striking YouTube videos I had ever seen. Still is, come to think of it.
  • Oct. 11: Reading: Elephants on Acid. A tiny book review; I didn’t seriously contemplate doing in-depth book reviews, with Reading: You’re Not Fooling Anyone When You Take Your Laptop Into a Coffee Shop being my first such article over two months later.
  • Oct. 12: The Two-Pronged Approach to Job Stress. I found out later that it only works when you can actually be vested in your job.
  • Oct. 12: Crime and Violins, Part 1. I started to play with my web serial after reading Ficlets’ Big Idea with Jeff Somers. In January I created a site just for it, Crime and Violins, which I plan to do some major work on to turn it into something else other than “I put my little-read fiction, that can only be sold in rare situations I’m not likely to run into, here”. Ssshhh.
  • … now we’re starting to skip days, because even back then I was a prolific, if kind of light, blogger …
  • Oct. 17: Writing Down the Wrong Way. The me you know now would have turned that into a small essay on what happens when you travel down the wrong bifurcation of future plot. The me then posted a LOLcat (mind you, a GOOD one). There’s nothing wrong with LOLcats, but you should probably post some other preferably amusing text with them, like Mary does. I didn’t.
  • Oct. 25: Links for 2007.10.25. Just links, and not done very well. These days my link posts have running commentary.
  • Oct. 29: The Wisdom of John Scalzi: On Dumbledore’s Sexuality. My first wisdom of scalzi post. I was already a fan before October, though.
  • Nov. 1: One Hour into NaNoWriMo. The first of many NaNoWriMo word count posts, some with graphs later on.
  • Nov. 13: Damage: Compelling Heroes Have Problems. My first serious thinking-about-writing post. I didn’t plan on making it a habit, but now it has its own manually designed category archive.
  • Dec. 1: To friends, apologies for negativity on blog layouts. Ah, day of infamy for me. Much as I hate to compound my negative karma by linking it here, I do, ’cause I don’t believe in not doing such. This was the day I learned I was a mean, nasty person and felt sad and sorry for myself, like an entirely self-absorbed idiot, and did so for weeks.
  • Dec. 2: The Sherlock Holmes Curse. Not that it stopped me from blogging or anything (I am such a cold-hearted person sometimes). My first serious Sherlock Holmes post, borne out of my experiences during NaNoWriMo. I didn’t plan on making that a habit either, but wait until you see what the next week is going to be like.
  • Dec. 4: Chasing the Phoenix, my first serious piece of flash fiction. Actually my first piece of flash fiction ever. Wow, I was actually still depressed from Dec 1st but still wrote this. I am cold. Hawesome. No, actually I was trying to prove to myself I was still a worthy human being.
  • Dec 7: Crime and Violins, Part 3. Picked the serial up again after November, and was still in denial about liking the process of writing it all that much.
  • Dec 16: Damn it, non-compete clauses. When I started thinking about taking blogging to the next level. Some people were supportive, some people… laughed at me. And yes, there was still Dec 1st. The first half of December was particularly bad for my ego.
  • Dec 17: Thought about podcasting. Three days later I actually did it. Yes, still trying to prove to myself I was a worthy human being.
  • Dec 21: Straining Inspiration from the Interwebs. My first good list of links, with context and content and everything. Still trying.
  • Dec 24: Wil Wheaton Saves My Christmas. Actually, Wil, you saved more than that. My Friday of reading through all three of your books restored something in me. Suddenly I wasn’t the only person out there who’d screwed up and was trying to make good. Yes, that will make more sense when I review Just a Geek. The important thing is, there is something beyond that, and Wil found it.
  • Dec 25: My Favorite Quote of the Year: Larry Young. First big person to link to me. I did not literally faint, but I felt like it.
  • Dec 29: Coffee Shop book review. I owe a lot to Mr. Scalzi, because he helped me straighten out my fee
    lings–which is basically, be nice to other people and help them, be easy to work with, but I don’t have to fold my hand of pugnacious attitude in the poker game of life. It does help to know when the hand is bad. Scalzi finished what Wil started.
  • … and then in January it all got like serious …

Nowadays I have a schedule. To tell the truth, I only have it because I love my Badtz-Maru silver organizer, as the blog posts sort of just coalesce for me now.

I learned to think like a blogger.

And I learned about myself.

Subtlety was never my strong point. Objectivity is weak in me. In many ways I’m rather XO in my life attitude. But to hell with it: as long as I don’t overbid my hand and accidentally tip drinks on people, I’m alright.

Plus I do actually care about people, because otherwise I wouldn’t have given myself such a miserable December. Or, for that matter, a miserable middle of November. I am not my father.

There are some places I will never fit in. That’s been the perennial bane of my life: not fitting in. I’ve tried so hard sometimes, that I’ve never looked for where or with whom I would fit in naturally. And even in the places I don’t fit in, there are people I do fit with.

It’s a whole wide blogosphere out there.

I look forwards to the next three months.

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