Aaah Books, I Could Eat You All Up

My weekend reading is here.

(No, you can’t see the three books near the bottom. Those are for my sekrit projekt.)

They are:

I would have put Scott Westerfeld‘s Uglies series on the stack too, except it was getting too high, and my hardcover of Pretties hasn’t yet arrived and I’ll die of anticipation before it arrives in mid-January. I have the rest of the series waiting as the next course.

Yes, I know that Uglies et al are out in softcover. I want the hardcovers, damn it. I never had hardcovers when I was a kid or in college. Now I can afford them. So I want them. Even if I have to get the library binding printing.

I’m like that.

This is also my first post using MarsEdit, which allows me to write blog posts on my Mac locally and queue them up in a nicely manageable UI, and does things like previews that look like my site, rather than what the pathetic Blogger (or whatever else blogging software I’ve ever used) preview or compose view shows (which doesn’t even fall into the same font-family as what’s used on my blog). This capability is going to be rather important since sekrit projekt.

I’m going to write another post in MarsEdit (saved locally), then off to nomnomnom.

6 thoughts on “Aaah Books, I Could Eat You All Up

  1. Dude. Please put something in between the sacred RAH and the profane Card. Yikes.Tolkein would be good for that. Nothing can get through THAT stuff.

  2. Bwahahahaha.Children of Húrin would work but I didn’t think to drop it into the cart. Doh!

  3. Hi !Bounced here from Scalzi’s Whatever…Congratulation on coming to Heinlein at least ; most of his juveniles are indeed great read, but I’m not sure that the three you picked are very representative.Time for the Stars is excellent… but involves one of the very few major scientific mistakes of RAH (about the concept of simultaneity) ;Tunnel in the Sky id all right, I guess, but far from being one of the most popular of the lot.And Rocket Ship Galileo is a very early book, promising but nowhere as professional as the others.. (his second juvenile, Space Cadet, was already a classic !)

  4. I’ll have to look at Space Cadet then. I knew from the read that Galileo was very much journeyman work, but I could see him coming together at the end. I’m interested in how writers develop as much as I’m interested in their writing.I really liked Tunnel in the Sky and have yet to dig into Time for the Stars. I’m a soft sort of person when it comes to SciFi.If you or others have any suggestions as to what to read next in his YA line, I would really appreciate it!

  5. I’m a soft sort of person when it comes to SciFi. So am I ! :-) If you or others have any suggestions as to what to read next in his YA line, I would really appreciate it! If you liked Tunnel, you’ll probably like every others. Space Cadet is pure Heinlein ; other favourites (of mine, but also generally, I understand) are Red Planet, Citizen of the Galaxy and Have Spacesuit — Will Travel …Since you’re interested in the writer’s development, you might also want to read Podkayne of Mars. Basically, one can identify four periods of Heinlein juvenile writing :- RSG : “journeyman work”, indeed.- all other RAH’s YA from Scribner’s, fully professionnal and carefully targeted, in the 50s.- Starship Troopers, (designed to be ?) rejected by Scribner. Opinions differ about it being a juvenile or not ; but if so, probably the only one ever to win a Hugo for best novel.- Podkayne (1963), obviously a juvenile again, but without the compromises to Alice Dalgliesh’s conception of young adults.

  6. Thanks for the list, Eric! I’m definitely going to dig into your list. I really, really enjoyed Time for the Stars; quite delicious.BTW, Red Planet, Citizen of the Galaxy, Have Spacesuit — Will Travel are the exact little advertisements on the back of the front cover of my edition of Tunnel in the Sky. You score! I had heard about Starship Troopers but hadn’t picked it up. Now I’ll have to, along with Space Cadet and Podkayne. I think I’ll be having a couple of Heinlein weekends very soon.Thanks very much again!

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