The Hierarchy of Trees

Bainbridge Island: home of very tall trees that merge and mingle with what civilization exists, sometimes to fall in high winter winds over power lines and cause everyone to rethink priorities temporarily.

That’s my favorite part of winter.

Here are some pictures.

Hierarchy of trees

In front, there are small spindly trees and also the thin tree trunks of the giant trees; those are in focus. The height of the big trees is such that focus on my camera starts to get watery. We’re talking around 100-foot trees here.

Hierarchy of trees

Straining to focus up. Not so successful. Trees too tall.

Bus stop

A bus stop on a winter morning. See all the tall trees everywhere. You can also see the thin ice sheet over the flat surfaces, making it slippery to even just stand anywhere and get a picture. Also, note that this is actually mid-morning, not chirping birds early morning. That’s what I hate most about winters in the Pacific Northwest: the seemingly endless darkness.

If you live on the island, you live green by default… and hope that the tree gods smile on you the next time the winds build to gale force.

By the way, the media manager for MarsEdit is smashing.

For Weekend Assignment #198 at Outpost Mâvarin.