Stumbling Around with StumbleUpon

So I’ve finally started to use StumbleUpon, after years of only using And I have to say, I really like it!

Both sites can be used to store your bookmarks on the web, but they have two entirely different aims in mind. is still the best site to use as a long-term personal bookmark store—’s tag browsing system is more advanced, and its display ideal for quickly finding a target out of hundreds to thousands of bookmarks. I still regularly bookmark to Regular Integrals.

But when it comes to actually sharing sites that I find interesting, StumbleUpon is far more ideal. StumbleUpon’s rating system is ridiculously easy (Like/Don’t Like), and there’s quite a bit of support for cross-referencing between others’ favorites. And StumbleUpon is far more colorful and attractive in this regard—I can see why it’s become so popular. It’s a little like a MySpace with focus.

My favorite part, though, is leaving StumbleUpon reviews. There’s support for leaving longer reviews than just a little comment as on, formatted with HTML and everything. You get your own StumbleUpon blog space where all your reviews—and your tags—are placed.

So I’ve even started visiting older places I’d bookmarked in before, and leaving reviews like: (Powered by Invision Power Board)
Jan 19, 9:30pm 2 reviews british-literature, hello-kitty

The next generation of Sherlock Holmes fans, raised on Brett, Burke, and Hardwicke in many cases. A fun group to hang around with! It’s probably a sign of the times, but doesn’t seem so offbeat to me as much as favorably fannish.

Much recommended: the stick-figure animated gif re-enactments of some of the stories.

Also of interest: various Hello Kitty items and LOLcats and, well, basically LOLholmes and such.

Yes, this is quite normal amongst the online groups I have hung out with… the nets encourage some strangeness, I admit.

An Encyclopedia of Ice and Fire ~ Tower of the Hand
Jan 22, 9:29pm 2 reviews books,reference,george-rr-martin

This is. The. Best. Reference for George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones, Storm of Swords, and the other books in his Song of Ice and Fire. Hands down, bar none—if you love reading the intertwining and complex tales that take place in the world of Westeros, you need this site. With notes on a chapter-by-chapter basis, individual articles about most every character, guides to geography and time period and legends and history—this site has it all. Cross-referenced. It is a work of love and sheer beauty.

For those of us who hate being spoiler’d, on the actual reference pages you’ll see a little box that says “Current Scope”. Change that drop-down to the last book you read, and you won’t see spoilers for any later books. Since the drop-down defaults to “haven’t read very much”, if you’ve read at least the first book, change it quick! Otherwise many wonderful details will be hidden from you.

Bookmark this site—and when next you go whither in Westeros, and you’re trying to remember all those times exactly that we’ve seen this odd fellow Qyburn walking around (remember to change the “Current Scope” dropdown!), you shall know.

Just like that.

But words are wind: go, look!

Basically, having fun and generating content about content.

I had enough fun to try to integrate my posts from StumbleUpon into the main Spontaneous Derivation blog, but that had quite a few problems; so for now I’m just leaving my StumbleUpon link in the top box of my sidebar.

I plan to do quite a bit of stumbling from now on.

StumbleUpon: Righteous Coolness.