Getting Back on Track with Spontaneous Derivation

Photography: Kevin Collins

After the switch to WordPress and another domain—which necessitated doing some magic for my Blogger blog and re-inventing my blog template in WordPress and finding all the necessary WordPress plugins to feel at home—I’m finally going to be back on schedule for posting everyday.

And since I now have separate areas to play with, posting everyday will probably not inundate any one particular category and thus reduce article turnover (as long as I don’t post too often in any single category. Like this one, heh).

I’m glad to be back to writing rather than hacking my blog.

2 thoughts on “Getting Back on Track with Spontaneous Derivation

  1. Thanks, Unfocused!

    Yes, uber-painful. I think I’ll be writing a guide on what I did over the next few days, in case anyone is thinking of making the same move from Blogger.

    Plus, well, I’m a perfectionist. That makes everything harder. :)

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