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Because I’m busy setting up extra websites, here’s what’s currently on my StumbleUpon blog. I tend to write semi-detailed reviews, and treat my StumbleUpon like a “real” blog rather than just somewhere I dump links off to (for that, there is

  • All the Nebula Award Winners–in Haiku : Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books


    What the title says. You must read this list if you love science fiction at all.

    The list starts with:

    1965 – Dune :

    Don’t drink the water /
    You find on desert planets /
    It will make you God.

    The list goes up to 2004’s Paladin of Souls.

    Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books is also a damn good review site for romance novels, from smart women who don’t like stupid books.

  • Obamarama


    John Scalzi, wise SF writer who is politically astute, doesn’t worry about standing up for what he believes in and saying so, and actually liberal in spite of his books, discusses Obama and the whys and wherefores of voting for the guy.

    Disclaimer: I believe Scalzi is all-wise and knowing, except when he isn’t (which he admits to being when he ain’t). To my defense, I’d never think this way if he *didn’t* make sense practically 99.99% of the time, which is more than I can say for most.

  • Depleted Cranium & Blog Archive & The Top Ten Things Enviornmentalists Need to Learn


    I like the environment very much. I want it to be preserved and happy and I believe it’s in danger. However, environmentalists in general Need A Freaking Reality Check. If finding a way to kill off coal fires is going to save as much CO2 in the short term as the longer, longer slough about CO2 wrt to cars and such… for gods sakes work on the underground fires problem while the logistics of the cars are worked out.

    There are many more wake-up calls here.

    This is not to say environmentalism is bad. This IS to say that people ought to, I don’t know, be sensible & stuff.

  • Making Light: Cloverfield (with Spoilers)


    The best “review” of Cloverfield I’ve read. Jim MacDonald dissects the actions of the people on the ground, as well as what the military branches should have done, with an eye towards surviving and dealing with large-scale, real-life disaster situations.

    Jim knows what he’s talking about. Pay attention. Or else you’ll end up like the Cloverfield gang….

    Well, there’s some discussion about that, too.

  • Color + Design Blog / Ultimate HTML Color HEX Code List by COLOURlovers


    Best. Color Chart. Ever. This contains all the possible tints, and not just the “web safe” blocky colors. I’ve wanted something like this for a long, long time.

    Heck, best color site ever—take some time to browse their palettes.

    Totally awesome.

  • YouTube – Code Monkey Guitar Hero Custom


    “Code Monkey” as a custom for Guitar Hero. Most excellent!
  • they must need bears – code monkey think maybe manager want to write goddamned login page himself.


    Elizabeth Bear muses on the making of the Guitar Hero remix of Code Monkey (YouTube video link there) and its implications, in particular, how the internet is turning celebrities from constructs to people like you and me.
  • YouTube – Run Sherlock, run


    The funniest Sherlock Holmes video I’ve ever seen. These are from several continous scenes of Granada’s adaptation of The Copper Beeches, back when Jeremy Brett was still healthy, thin, and spry. Very, very spry. Everyone is nearly always constantly running through this video—the major characters, the minor characters, up stairs, down stairs, through gates, Holmes leaping over a small wall because… well, as far as I can tell, because he’s so caught up in the chase that little things like walls with big cement pots on them do not matter.

    Watson (David Burke) brings the gun and uses it. Twice! Damned good shot.

    The music is PERFECT. I love it.

    This video is great for laughs, especially if you’re a Sherlock Holmes fan.

  • Sum Of Me


    These are the random thoughts of a writer, written well and very amusing. One of the personal diaries out there that I really like, and outside of personal friends, I’m not usually interested in personal diaries. Unless they are funny and amusing and, at the same time, touching through all that funniment and amusiment.
  • For Better or For Worse Strip Fix


    For Better or For Worse was always one of my favorite newspaper comics. It’s not often you see a comic strip where the characters age and change, and complex relationships spring up. These are stories that ring true to life, whether they’re about teenage love or the search for identity after college (something that particularly touches me) or dealing with the degradation of an older parent. There are joyful stories and sad stories, always moving, always with some depth, and humor is usually not far around the corner, even in the darkest hours.

    When I found For Better or For Worse on the net, I was overjoyed (I’ve long since stopped reading newspapers).

    Want stories with real people dealing with real situations? Want to go back in time and watch the struggles of a young mother, and then watch as her kids grow up, she changes, her husband changes, the family changes? Then read this strip.

    And buy the books. This is a wonderful series.

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