Blogs by Writers, for Writers, Part 1

Welcome to the next article in the meta-series, “I am still working on those other websites,” where I dig into the heart of my RSS subscriptions and unearth writing blog treasures to share with you.

DeepGenre is my favorite writer group blog. You may have heard of some of these people. Their works sit on the fantasy and science fiction shelves at your local bookstore.

The focus of DeepGenre is on writing, with excursions into exploring fantasy and science fiction. DeepGenre is also very much a blog that encourages discussion, with open-ended posts and questions. Indeed, one of the most popular articles, Writing My First Novel, is mostly over 500 comments from authors across the lands of genre.

I know not whether the 13-Line Critiques are still going, but the archives are instructive.

DeepGenre is not updated daily, but when it is, the content is always worth reading.

I must go now. WordPress has challenged me to a duel. There can only be one.

8 thoughts on “Blogs by Writers, for Writers, Part 1

  1. Call it bull-headedness. It gets me through a lot in life. (And through the mysterious barrier that shows up about 3/4s the way through a work.)

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