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Good morning. At least, it’s morning PST, which means about siesta time everywhere else. I’ve been playing around with websites and have got 98% of one done. Three in all. So every other day or so I’ll be posting up links to writer’s/writing websites that I really, really like; the other days I’ll be posting my own stuff.

I already pointed you towards Whatever this week (in fact, in the archives, I’ve probably pointed you to Whatever several times). Some of you who visited there may have discovered an announcement about a new literary agent on the block.

I’m very happy about the announcement, but only secondly because of the new literary agent thing. I am primarily happy that the blogger behind The Swivet finally got a job again in the publishing industry.

For those of you who don’t know, The Swivet is a great place to get information about the various genre markets: what writers are being published by whom, publisher news, notable posts in the blogs of agents (whom you should get to know) and writers, etc. This is the kind of stuff you subscribe to magazines like Publisher’s Weekly for, and is important for those of us who want to stick their nose into the convoluted affair of publishing a book.

You need to know the market. The Swivet is a great starting place to dip your toes in.

Yeah, when I was a starting writer, I didn’t want to know the market or do research in it, ’cause I was lazy. You don’t have to be like me. You probably don’t want to be like me (i.e., unpublished; but then again, I was a teenager at the time, and thus a bit stupid by default).

Visit the Swivet regularly. Send La Gringa some Valentine love. Subscribe to her RSS feed. And add her to your growing bookmark folder of agent blogs to stop by and absorb wisdom and humor from.

Peace out. I shall be wrestling with WordPress again tonight. I think it’s going to win, actually….

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  1. Hi Colleen! Not a problem. I’m glad times are looking up for you.

    Have a good time with all the submissions! ;-)

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