2008 World Fantasy Awards Nominees on the Kindle


Updated 10/19 with the Kindle editions of Territory and Gospel of the Knife.
Updated 9/20 with the Kindle edition of The Servants.

The 2008 nominations for the World Fantasy Awards are here!

There are plenty of nominees, all of them good. There are life achievement and art awards, which can’t really be Kindle-ized. And Emma Bull’s Territory is up for best novel, and I love it.

Currently, only a few of the nominees can be digested (or easily made digestible) on the Kindle:

TerritoryEmma Bull

One of the executive producers for Shadow Unit, an ongoing web serial that’s akin to The Sandbaggers meets Lovecraft. Tor.com is also offering a free eBook (Mobipocket format, Kindle-edible) of another of her novels, War for the Oaks, to registered members unto maybe next week (the offer started in the middle of September).

The Gospel of the KnifeWill Shetterly

His also a producer on the collective serial online work Shadow Unit, along with Emma Bull. Tor.com happens to also be offering a free eBook of another of his novels, Dogland, to registered users.

Both Dogland and Gospel of the Knife are available under the Creative Commons license as well, but the Kindle edition and the Mobipocket edition on Tor.com are much better formatted. ((The problem with many CC works on the web is that they often aren’t well-formatted; it usually takes the likes of Feedbooks, which can’t do all the works in the world, and ill formatting still slips through the cracks.))

The ServantsMichael Marshall Smith

He’s a five-time winner of the British Fantasy Award!

YsabelGuy Gavriel Kay

He also blogged about his experience writing Ysabel.

Stars Seen Through StoneLucius Shepard

Also a 2008 Hugo Nominee for Best Novella.

The Cambist and Lord Iron: a Fairytale of EconomicsDaniel Abraham

Also a 2008 Hugo Nominee for Best Novelette. Part of the excellent and Kindle-available Logorrhea anthology, edited by John Klima.

The Evolution of Trickster Stories Among the Dogs of North Park After the ChangeKij Johnson

She also wrote The Fox Woman, an excellent Heian Japan fantasy novel with Kitsune—and available on the Kindle.

Singing of Mount AboraTheodora Goss

Available as part of the Logorrhea anthology.

Wizards — edited by Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois

One of the few SFF anthologies available on the Kindle.

Logorrhea — edited by John Klima

Already mentioned multiple times in this article due to the great stories this anthology harbors.

I feel guilty for not mentioning everyone else—but I’m short on time, and this blog is pretty Kindle-centric.

Go ye, download, and enjoy.