Kindle Newsbites: No New Kindles, But Kindles for $259

As you may all know by now, the rumors on the web about a Kindle 2.0 this year are not true. Is this Amazon’s fault, as some say?

Well, no. Mostly because the rumors never came from Amazon officially, and Amazon (the company) never dropped any “snrr snrr snrr” hints. The rumor originated from CrunchGear on July 15th, which claimed an insider had “let it slip”, which is completely different from a statement by the company itself. Despite all attempts to the contrary, employees are not actually all part of a hive mind, and some people screw up (or are bragging. Unfortunately, it happens).

However, you can get a Kindle for $259 if you sign up for an Amazon rewards card. I have one myself, and have had it for three years. It’s a normal credit card, no weird strings attached. Well, except the one where you get $25 in rebates for every $100 you spend on Amazon stuff. Which I do not count as a string per se, because you aren’t required to do that, although it’s a strong incentive to. Indeed, it’s how I got my own Kindle for $259; I ended up with a bunch of $25 gift certificates over a year and then just piled them on the Kindle order.

C’est la vie.