Dear McCain, You’re Playing with Fire: On Khalidi, the LA Times Video, Obama, and the October Non-Surprise

Dear McCain,

I do actually wish you well in this political campaign, although for whatever reason you’ve made some… questionable decisions. ((And those are why I’m not voting for you. Your campaign is pulling itself to pieces over her, and not in a good way. Not even you like her.)) We all make mistakes. Some of them are less revokeable than others, and some of them are more important than others.

So believe me when I say that I speak from the bottom of my heart in honestly warning you: with respect to demanding the release of the video tape of Obama at a party with Khalid, you are playing with fire.

Here is the main reason for my too-late warning:

Obama knew this was coming.

It has been an undeniable possibility, and that for months. The fact that you were turning your campaign to the attack almost certainly meant that your current tactic would be almost inevitable.

Remember when you brought up Ayers? He unleashed the Keating 5 ads shortly thereafter, something that had obviously been planned far in advance, even down to the domain name and the videos. And he was composed enough to actually brush off Ayers, successfully, in the debates afterwards.

This is different. Obama went to Khalidi’s party ((I’m neutral on Khalidi, for what it’s worth. Update: Joe Klein sets people straight. Update #2: Jo-Ann Mort sets people straighter.)), sure; and he toasted the man; that is undeniable. You, on the other hand, funded Khalidi to the tune of $448,873. ((I’ll note that it would only take half a year for your VP candidate to spend more than that at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.)) Do you realize what he probably has planned for you? This is a trap. ((I realize that sounds a bit over-reacty and hallucinatory, but I don’t think it quite is in this case. Sadly, for you.))

Obama is going to destroy you. He can mitigate; you cannot. Even the Drudge Report has pulled this story, and you know Matthew Drudge is, more than most of the right at the moment, on your side. Obama likely has something planned, or knew this was a non-issue or would blow up, all by itself, in your face. ((That’s been part of his style, amusingly enough.))

And it looks like the explanation for the LA Times suppression video suppression has shown up. Good job, you. I had hoped to God ((I normally say gods. But I’ll bend here for you.)) that your campaign advisers were more sensible, though they may believe this is the absolute last ditch effort they can make and thus they will make it.

You’ve likely royally screwed your campaign. Even more. I didn’t think that was possible.

Good luck on this.

Still supporting Obama ’08

To all the rest: yes, I’m closing comments. I don’t have time to deal with all the political batshit on both sides that might result on my blog, tiny and insignificant and unworthy though it is.

Also, I find it strange this request came at nearly end of business on the 28th. This is the sort of thing that needs to hit the morning before decisions can be made. Tactical timing, I suppose. Didn’t quite work out.