Now, I know I've been watching a lot of West Wing lately…

But this is surreal.


Of course, fictional characters sometimes turn up with their own Twitter accounts and start following people. Such is the beauty of Twitter. Here’s President Josiah Bartlet’s Twitter profile:


Yes, he will sometimes interact with you. I don’t know if this is Aaron Sorkin behind the wheel or just a rabid West Wing fan who still has the election twitch (I know I still do), but I think this is cute. Next thing you know, Toby Ziegler and Joshua Lyman are going to show up and start following people.

I did buy the complete series on DVD:

Complete West Wing Series in Case

I’m on Disc 3 of Season 2 by the way. And the complete collection is beautifully cased. And sturdy, too. The first season isn’t widescreen—I assume because it’s ancient—but the rest of them are. The episode guide is pretty with summaries, although it doesn’t go into detail. Tons of extras.

Here are my West Wing bookmarks on StumbleUpon. I especially like The West Wing Episode Guide, even if the site is a bit unsubtle in some of its design. (Past the front page, it’s pretty readable and normal.)