Kindle Advent Calendar: Day 21 – Thrilling Holiday Tales


Thrilling Holiday Tales
by Jeff Patterson
Bad Day Studio: OriginalKindle-friendly ((The Kindle-friendly version is NOT hosted on my site; this is a CGI script that filters the more annoying framing HTML from the story text. You can still save the filtered HTML and convert it for your Kindle (with some help from Amazon). And remember: don’t distribute this thing.))

Every year, Jeff Patterson puts up a Science Fiction holiday card, each one a short story. This, from 2001, is one of my favorites: an action pulp adventure, packed into one 2.5k-word punch.

The 2008 card isn’t up yet, but when it is, it’ll be part of this advent calendar. For Holiday FSF is far too rare.

You can also buy his Solstice Chronicles from LuLu, either as a paperback or as a PDF download.

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