New on Kindle: December 2nd – 5th

New Tricks by John Levitt

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Quite a large number of fantasy books draw a connection between magic and music ((And quite a number of science fiction books, when they do cover “magic” of one sort or another, connect it with math. And in the real world, music and math are related. I mention all this by the wayside as one of those interesting coincidences.)); here, we have a magician-musician in San Francisco who’s quit the magic rap. He still has his magical dog, Louie (who’s actually an Ifrit, but just dog-shaped). And he still gets into trouble with magic, especially when his former colleagues in former circles start turning up dead.

Unusual Suspects edited by Dana Stabenow

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An anthology of new supernatural mystery short stories, from the likes of Charlaine Harris (Southern Vampire Mysteries, featuring Sookie Stackhouse), Carole Nelson Douglas (Midnight Louie, Delilah Street series), Simon R. Green (Nightside series), and more (Laurie R. King, Michael A. Stackpole, Sharon Shinn, Mike Doogan, Donna Andrews, Michael Armstrong, John Straley, Laure Anne Gilman, Dana Stabenow).

This anthology is a follow-up to Powers of Detection.

The United States of Atlantis by Harry Turtledove

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What if Atlantis was real, the British Empire had colonized it, and now Atlantis wants its freedom?

The alternate history sequel to Opening Atlantis, also available on the Kindle.

Peacekeeper by Laura E. Reeve

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The beginning of a brand new military science-fiction series, starring Major Ariane Kerdos. Fifteen years ago, she obliterated a solar system, and has been in hiding since then. Unfortunately, someone’s found out.

Dragon Strike by E.E. Knight

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The fourth in a series that takes Ye Olde Medieval Fantasy, and turns it 180 degrees—from the viewpoints of dragons.

The rest of the books in this series are also available:

The Flaxen Femme Fatale by John Zakour

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In a science-fiction future, the World Council hires the last freelance P.I., Zach Johnson, to find a femme fatale who holds a deadly secret weapon. Zach and HARV (an A.I. companion wired into his brain)’s humorous SF pulp mystery adventures started with The Plutonium Blonde in 2001. Not all are yet available on the Kindle, save for The Blue-Haired Bombshell, the predecessor to Flaxen Femme-Fatale.

Beyond the Shadows by Brent Weeks

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The final book in the Night Angel trilogy, where our intrepid Kylar is out to save a city by destroying a goddess. Books 1 and 2, the Way of Shadows and Shadow’s Edge, are also available on the Kindle.

Brent discusses the series on Orbit Books’ blog.

The Magician’s Book by Laura Miller

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A discussion of The Chronicles of Narnia from the perspective of childhood and from that of an agnostic adulthood. Comparison, contrast, religion, all that.

All of Narnia is now on the Kindle, by the way: