Kindle Advent Calendar: Day 2 – The Stupidest Angel

The Stupidest Angel
by Christoper Moore
Kindle EditionPaperbackFictionwise

This Christmas story is not like the others
This book has a flavor all its own
If you want a Christmas tale that is like no other
I suggest that you take this one home

The angel Raziel has discovered a child with a Christmas wish: to bring Santa Claus back to life. Awwww. If only this all wasn’t a misunderstanding on the lines of “I saw mommy killing Santa Claus”.

Christopher Moore: man is funny. His stories have a lot of heart without falling into the saccharine stage, which is perfect for Christmas stories. And he can poke fun at things without sounding just a wee bit bitter, also perfect for Christmas stories.

For a year or so now, apart from Terry Pratchett, Moore’s probably the only man that can get me to read about vampires without throwing up a little in my mouth. ((You’d think that Jim Butcher would be here, too, but while I persist in reading the Harry Dresden series because of the supreme addiction factor, I still do throw up a little bit every time I read about his vampires. Good thing they occur only spasmodically.)) Check out You Suck, and I’m also waiting patiently for Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story to show up on the Kindle.

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