Constitution of the United States of America on Your Kindle/Reader

All because I’m still on a West Wing jag and I drank a bottle of this about eight hours ago and I’m still hyper. So I started this (well, yesterday apparently) evening and ended just now.

Here they are:

US Constitution Downloads

Below the cut is a gallery of images on the Kindle, wherein I also describe and demonstrate the highlighting and note-taking features of the Kindle. As the movie reviewer with his or her notepad, so I with my ebook reader.

The EPub I’ve created can be read by the Sony Reader, or at least the firmware version that supports EPub. It’s also readable by Adobe Digital Editions:

4 thoughts on “Constitution of the United States of America on Your Kindle/Reader

  1. Im proud to see that you offer the United States Constitution for free but B&N Nook can’t read the epub version. I found it elsewhere as PDF but it is not complete with ammendments and very hard to read on the Nook. Am I doing someting wrong by simply saving this pub in a folder then dragging it to my Nook’s “my documents”? The Nook lists it but can’t open it.


    • They do now. Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, and Bill of Rights are available free. Still can’t find ALL the Amendments in Kindle format, just the Bill of Rights.

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