Shadow Unit: Episode 2×01 eBootleg


Yes. It is here.

Update! Ask and ye shall sometimes receive, if it is within my power. A PDF version is now available, with clicky links and everything. Please see Locations below.

Update #2! No one asked, but I created an LRF file for older Sony Readers that can’t read ePub files. I don’t have a Sony Reader, though, so I’m not sure how it turns out; I think the formatting might actually look different than the corresponding ePub, even though they’re all from the same source files….

Note: Remember: these are an unofficial—if legal—conversion. Both the original and these conversions are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 license.

Schedule: I plan on doing the episodes as individual files, with “up to now” season compilations as a separate, updated ebook file. Eventually the individual episodes will expire (but that won’t be until season end) and there’ll just be the Season 2 Ebook.

Exciting Features:

  • Episode 1 in mobile reading form.
  • Pretty cover for your ebook device/software.
  • Typographical quotes and dashes!
  • All episode-specific easter eggs and extras included.


Shadow Unit Season 2 Downloads


Need Season 1?

It’s currently only available for the Kindle, but can be converted via calibre for Sony. (It’s a huge file, relatively speaking, for an ebook).

Shadow Unit Season 1 Downloads


Below the cut.

For Adobe Digital Editions, Kindle 1, and Kindle 2.

8 thoughts on “Shadow Unit: Episode 2×01 eBootleg

  1. Um, hi! I know you must be quite busy, but I was curious as to whether or not you’ll be formatting S2 of Shadow Unit for the Kindle at some point in the future? I actually got into the series through your wonderful Kindle-formatted version of S1, and I’d love to have a matching version of S2 as well!

  2. I do want to create a matching set :) but life has been busy and distracting, so I haven’t had the time to do so yet. I hope to come into some free time during the holidays; it’ll take at least a day to compile.

  3. Arounder,

    It has to do with how formats are internally structured. Each format stores things differently.

    The ePub is the first step, and has everything in it. It’s not compressed with a higher zip. (I should probably add an option to do a better compression scheme.)

    Conversion to Mobipocket results in inlining and dropping stylesheet conventions, concatenating files together into a compressed address space binary that can be parsed by Palm-style lowlevel semantics.

    Conversion to LRF results in stripping away HTML into another, smaller language, losing formatting on the way down while converting to another internal language, losing data.

    Conversion of the LRF back to ePub strips out a lot more data. What you get back may or may not be easy to read, but it sure won’t be something that can be unzipped and easily dealt with by a ebook designer.

    Not very strange at all. :) In the end, you’ve lost a lot of internal structure, and a lot of the style code to set up the text. It may or may not matter to readers, but it will result in an ungodly mess for anyone who tries to tinker with the result.

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