Shadow Unit: Episode 2×01 eBootleg


Yes. It is here.

Update! Ask and ye shall sometimes receive, if it is within my power. A PDF version is now available, with clicky links and everything. Please see Locations below.

Update #2! No one asked, but I created an LRF file for older Sony Readers that can’t read ePub files. I don’t have a Sony Reader, though, so I’m not sure how it turns out; I think the formatting might actually look different than the corresponding ePub, even though they’re all from the same source files….

Note: Remember: these are an unofficial—if legal—conversion. Both the original and these conversions are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 license.

Schedule: I plan on doing the episodes as individual files, with “up to now” season compilations as a separate, updated ebook file. Eventually the individual episodes will expire (but that won’t be until season end) and there’ll just be the Season 2 Ebook.

Exciting Features:

  • Episode 1 in mobile reading form.
  • Pretty cover for your ebook device/software.
  • Typographical quotes and dashes!
  • All episode-specific easter eggs and extras included.


Shadow Unit Season 2 Downloads


Need Season 1?

It’s currently only available for the Kindle, but can be converted via calibre for Sony. (It’s a huge file, relatively speaking, for an ebook).

Shadow Unit Season 1 Downloads


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