Shadow Unit: Season 2 Extra 1 eBootleg

NOTE: La Befana has been rolled up with the other DVD extras. Download links below have been updated to point to the new files.

This is a small vignette, so you may prefer to simply read it on the Shadow Unit site.

Alternatively, there are now very small ebook downloads as well, if you’re a completist. (Well, except that for some reason the Epub and Microsoft Reader versions are more bloated than the others.)

Shadow Unit Season 2 Downloads

2 thoughts on “Shadow Unit: Season 2 Extra 1 eBootleg

  1. The EPUB and LIT versions are larger because they have the cover image as PNG files instead of JPEGs. The LIT version is even large because it actually has that large PNG twice. Not quite sure why that’s happening… I’ll get back to you on that.

  2. Hi Marshall,

    That would do it. Must compress png better, or switch over entirely to jpg/gif.

    Thanks for looking into the Lit… strangeness.

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