All of #QueryFail March 2009 in HTML

From the Chico Writer’s Group: original source in RTF.

After much regular expression and ruby scripting fun, I present to you an HTML version, complete with hyperlinks, and in order from oldest to newest. It’s very, very long, so I zipped up the file.

ETA: And now in other formats!
ETA #2: Corrected PDF link.

Query Fail Downloads

Have fun!

9 thoughts on “All of #QueryFail March 2009 in HTML

  1. That’s fantastic! Forgive the newb question but how do you generate the different reader formats? Is it using Ruby scripts as well?



  2. Simple, maantren – I stand on the shoulders of giants. ;)

    – Ruby-Epub tools is something I created myself (and need to add more to) and is the base of my work

    – Ruby scripts and vim regular expressions applied heavily to split and massage the source text

    – HTML tidy used to make the HTML valid enough to pass epubcheck and create valid Epub files

    – More massaging via ruby scripts

    – After the Epub file is created via Ruby Epub tools, mobigen from Mobipocket people creates the Kindle/Mobipocket file

    – calibre’s any2lrf run on the mobipocket file creates the Sony Reader file

    – calibre’s oeb2lit run on the OPF file generated by Ruby Epub tools creates the Microsoft Reader file

    – html2ps run on the HTML files creates a Postscript file you don’t see —

    – because ps2pdf is run on it to create the PDF.

    It’s a series of tubes! And the best part is that I can automate it so that a mistake correction (which always happens) can be replicated throughout all formats in less than five minutes. Most of that time is spent loading a Windows emulator on my Mac, actually.

  3. Thanks! I wondered what all the fuss is about. There was so much hype. Some people saying the tweets were so mean. Others saying the tweets were so funny. I found the thread extremely boring (couldn’t finish reading the whole thing). Maybe my expectation was too high. ((shrugs))

    Anyway, thanks for sharing because I’m no longer out of the loop.

  4. Hi Mac, thanks for the link!

    Hi Auria, the fun more or less starts on page 8 of the PDF. It runs some 70 pages from there.

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