Blast from the Past: April 2008

The unholy marriage of writing and blogging.

You probably don’t know that this blog used to be about blogging, not SF/F, and certainly not about the Kindle.

A couple posts from April 2008—the only two posts, in fact. It was a light month, but I was trading some 16k visits in traffic that month. These days it’s perhaps 5k a month if I’m really lucky.


Oh, how the mighty have fallen, etc etc etc.

As you may discover, these posts are full of irony, given where S∂ is now versus where it was a year ago.

April 24: Blogging for Writers: Bring Focus to Your Blog by Discovering Your Inner Authority

April 26: A Personal Discovery of Authority

However, I currently enjoy my blogging as much as I did back then. We change and all that.

When we reach October is when the real fun is going to start. Or perhaps even earlier, in July.