Stanza EPub Update for Thoughtcrime Experiments, Shadow Unit Season 2 Extras

There was a wee coding flummox in the book source that resulted in the table of contents not being interpreted correctly by the popular Stanza iPhone ebook reader. Those have now been fixed.

You can find these downloads and more on the Stanza Library Page ((Which now also has a shorter and friendlier URL. You know. Except that you still have to type out ‘spontaneous derivation’ on your itty bitty keyboards. They don’t autocomplete well, either. Sorry about that.))

2 thoughts on “Stanza EPub Update for Thoughtcrime Experiments, Shadow Unit Season 2 Extras

  1. OOC, what was the issue? I overwrote the previous version of your EPUB edition I’d download so I can’t just diff them (oops…).

    Also, in the future you may want to remove all unneeded whitespace in your XML. AdobeDE unfortunately treats whitespace it should discard as relevant in some cases. For example, some of the newlines in the NCX TOC get displayed, causing ADE to overlay some of the TOC lines with others; and in XHMTL centered elements it treats prefix and postfix whitespace as having width, throwing of the centering.

  2. Hi Marshall,

    One of the Stanza guys caught it for me—in the OPF file, the media type for the NCX was “application/x-dbtncx+xml” instead of “application/x-dtbncx+xml”.

    epubcheck did not catch this very egregious error, which is vexing. There’s a bug report started in September 2008, but so far there’s not been any action on it.

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