The Banality of Twitter…

Every once in a while I see people complaining that many other people twitter about nothing (irony, thy twitter lacks depth). Granted, this has lessened ever since the Iranian Revolution got its organizing and broadcasting power through Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, but it’s a common enough tweet still.

And yes. It’s a true observation: apart from the times when you have something like #iranelection around, much of Twitter is banal.

That’s kind of the point. A lot of Twitter is people-watching. It’s like an open park. I don’t wonder why people lounging, talking, walking in the park aren’t more entertaining (although I’m sure may wonder, and be bored). Twitter is mercifully short enough such that big walls of text aren’t possible, and you can get on with the act of observing.

Twitter is incidental spikes of relevance in the stream. I find it kind of poetic and instructional. What’s important to people? What do they think about? And hey, are they gonna share that recipe about brownies made from black beans?

A tinge of shared grief about pets dying. A brush of shared cheer when someone gets a promotion at the local Pizzatat. Look at pretty or funny pictures. Discover weirdly heart-moving blogs like Alice and Kev.

“So why not go watch people at a real park?” ((I find that people who haven’t been isolated in their lives often are baffled at why people socialize over the Internet. This will undoubtedly change as socializing over the Internet becomes a fact of life.))

Because sometimes people at parks are boring dude. At least I can filter Twitter a little. *g*