Apologies On Ebook Delays

Ebooks have been delayed, in particular for Shadow Unit and a couple of side projects, because I had serious problems with Crossover Mac and discovered yesterday that I needed to pay $40 more for it to be compatible with the most recent version of X in Leopard. I’d bought Crossover Mac maybe a couple years ago. I need it for Windows emulation, vital for things like mobigen and seeing whether the Microsoft Lit conversion is readable.

The discovery was a little distressing. That could have been at least 4, probably 6 or 7, ebooks across the Kindle store, Fictionwise, and Webscriptions… and yes, I’m in the process of buying my old library back, which is why I care about the velocity of leftover-money over books on a per month basis.

But CodeWeavers needs money like anybody else, including me. c’est la vie, and it probably did suck to try to figure out what was causing the rapid-crash problem (things involving Wine and X usually do). Bless them.

Anyhoo, we’re back on track over here in the eBookery, and once Shadow Unit updates later this evening (or sommat) the updated Extras will be available with both last week’s and this week’s.