My Boring, Boring, Boring Bentos

Recently I’ve been trying to eat something other than fast food ((Amusingly, lots of Americans say, “Let’s eat Chinese”, but I often think, “I could use some American.” I view AppleBee’s and McDonald’s on the same level that, I suppose, lots of people view the various Indian buffet restaurants and Chinese take-out places. Culture displacement can be weird.)), so I’ve gone back to my bento ways.

But my bento ways are boring, because I generally only have time to cook substantial things over the weekend. Fruit fills my middle days (raw vegetables make me throw up. Sigh). I might be able to cook a little in my rice cooker(s) when I get home from work, but it’s touch and go. 60 – 80 hour work weeks do that to one.

Here are a couple experiments from the last week. Pictures, so I’m putting in a cut.

Breakfast Bento

My commute is long, very long, for good reasons, so I start out very early and I need to be able to eat breakfast in my lap. Individual containers are not terribly good at this, but tray-like bentos work out well.

Recently, Ziploc has come out with a bento-style box:

ziploc bento experiment

The little blue container in the large compartment is from my previous paraphernalia. The bagel halves are actually mini-bagels, so the box isn’t big. I boil eggs ahead of time, and grapes are pre-washed ((By myself. I’m not very trusting of “pre-washed” fruits and vegetables.)); the most time I spend is sticking some kind of peanut-butter/jelly-or-honey mixture in the little blue thing. I don’t like pre-spreading stuff on my bagels, but I think that would better, actually…. something to try next week. ((Fridays are “eat deliciously unhealthy things out” days.))

Today (well, yesterday) was apple butter mixed with peanut butter.

Bento Butter

This is actually too much food for me to eat at breakfast, so some bagels become snacks in the afternoon.

Lunch Bento

I use a thin lunch bag these days, because I stick it in my messenger bag, which doesn’t contain a Mr. Bento well (I have a walk to work after the ferry ride, then car drive). That makes me a little sad.

That said, eBags seems to be the only manufacturer that makes a roomy yet slim lunch bag. It can comfortably fit a Laptop Lunch in there, but I need to dig mine out (laptop lunch boxes are awesome, because you can either eat them as a tray or take out the containers to snack on later). Until then, I use little containers, though I really need a tray like the laptop lunch.

Lunch Bento

(“And this is when we knew you were other,” said a guy in my team—otherwise all guys—because no guy would dare come to work with containers displaying giraffes, squirrels, and baby chicks.)

Here are all the boxes opened.

Lunch Bento Opened

I snack quite a lot all day in little bits, and lunch is light relative to the usual portion sizes one receives in all the little lunch shops around here. Apparently eating little bits all day is healthier, and it’s nice to munch little somethings while waiting for things that take forever to compile/install/whatever.

Bento Tomorrow?

Maybe. I like eating my own prepared food for some reason. I get sick a lot less, and it looks to be a nasty flu season starting up around here.

Curling up to dream about bentos. I’ve been doing that of late. It’s weird and rather consumery, but hey, it’s better than dreaming of being strangled.

2 thoughts on “My Boring, Boring, Boring Bentos

  1. Those are so cute! I love the orange fish crackers in the baby chick container, for some reason.

    p.s. we have a Malaysian friend who we invite over for exotic American food on a regular basis. He even eats my signature lime jello & condensed milk pineapple “salad” , which most Midwestern Americans pretend they are disgusted by.

  2. The Goldfish crackers are always awesome to put in bentos because of their Automatic Cuteness. Goldfish have been more flavorful of late, too—these are “Explosive Pizza.” They do satisfy my pizza cravings….

    I like those kinds of fruit-and-jello salads too. :D

    On these kinds of “salads”…. To me, egg salad is also akin to… I don’t know… shumai for Midwest Americans in terms of “gosh, this is different from what I grew up with”? Man, I love egg salad.

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