My Boring, Boring, Boring Bentos

Recently I’ve been trying to eat something other than fast food ((Amusingly, lots of Americans say, “Let’s eat Chinese”, but I often think, “I could use some American.” I view AppleBee’s and McDonald’s on the same level that, I suppose, lots of people view the various Indian buffet restaurants and Chinese take-out places. Culture displacement can be weird.)), so I’ve gone back to my bento ways.

But my bento ways are boring, because I generally only have time to cook substantial things over the weekend. Fruit fills my middle days (raw vegetables make me throw up. Sigh). I might be able to cook a little in my rice cooker(s) when I get home from work, but it’s touch and go. 60 – 80 hour work weeks do that to one.

Here are a couple experiments from the last week. Pictures, so I’m putting in a cut.

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