Laptop Bento

I’m not imaginative, but by golly, I… uh… get in the major food groups ((Which are all under dispute currently.)) except for dairy. ((I’m lactose-intolerant. I think, apart from calcium that can be supplied by supplements, I’m not missing much. Take that, dairy industry who angles to make their own major food group in the pyramid.))

Breakfast bento: cereal ((Frosted Mini-Wheats, which are the healthiest a sugar cereal can be while still having too much sugar.)), grapes, hardboiled egg, rice milk (to be poured on the cereal). Ziploc divided box plus a round tallish Lock&Lock.

I discovered that the texture of a hard-boiled egg didn’t go so well with the cereal n’ milk. Will have to figure out another protein for the cereal bento (the mini-bagel bento, on the other hand, is just fine).

Also, I don’t need that much cereal….

Lunch Bento: a Laptop Lunch box; grapes ((These are huge, some an inch long. Very tasty, and I didn’t need a drink at lunch, they were that juicy.)), apple wedges, honey bread ((Baked in my Zojirushi mini home bakery machine, using the basic honey bread recipe that comes in the manual. It was way tastier than market-bought bread!)), and Winter Squash soup, which is a kind of bisque.

Those went well together. And it almost wasn’t too much; one apple slice over.

As a showing of the extreme lack of sense the human race can express at times, I almost included the beef stew instead of the bisque. Beef stew with a lot of BPA in it (Campbell’s tomato soup alone in the ingredients is really all kinds of bad all by itself). And also over one week old. Either way I probably would have felt sucky if I ate it.

Bisque: much better.

Also, that lidded container really is water-tight when you seat the lid properly.

The Laptop Lunch went quite well in my slim lunchbox from eBags.

I thought about taking along a snack bento, but I thought that would be a bit too much bento. I did want a bit of a snack though…. Perhaps I’ll pull out my amusingly Engrish tiny snack bento tomorrow.

By the way, I’m not sure what it is about honey bread, but it preserves better and longer than bread using sugar as a sweetener. Honey is teh awesome.

I’m on my way home and contemplating cooking some rice for dinner (rest of dinner undecided). And any leftovers I’ll convert to some simple ((Seriously; no flour, just egg, pepper, rice, and fresh-grated parmesan, one of the few cheeses I can stand.)) little rice pancakes tomorrow evening, which are teh total awesome, and the only reason I’ll drag out the griddle.

New food processer tomorrow, but too bad the vegan country-style pate (which incredibly tastes like the meat version) takes a few hours for me to make. Hours free don’t exist in the middle of the week.

2 thoughts on “Laptop Bento

  1. Do you like/can you eat yogurt? It’s a good breakfast protein & it’s not hard to make at home to avoid the BPA.

    (i do read the other stuff, i swear. I just apparently only have opinions about food & style.)

  2. I can eat yogurt, but pretty much only if it has berries in it. Which sounds like a great idea for breakfast. I’d forgotten that yogurt has protein in it!

    Apparently the plastic containers that yogurt comes in do not have BPA, and where I live there’s a really nice store that will has large tubs of the stuff. I’ll start small and see where that goes.

    (And no worries, I like comments on the food and style posts. :))

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