Bento for 2009 Nov 17

Today’s bentos were slightly different. I have a lot of soup to eat….

Breakfast bento: Cereal, goldfish crackers—because I couldn’t think of a good protein that early in the morning :) —and apple slices. Lemon juice is awesome.

Thursday I’ll implement Rosa’s suggestion of yogurt. With some berries, that would be yum.

(Wednesday is no bento day, I think. It is an 8am meeting day, which means I have to get up at 4am. Traffic peaks at 6:30am on the island and is Seattle morning traffic after that. Joy.)

Lunch bento: Random vegetable soup (it also has beans for protein, though it doesn’t look like it), rice cooker pasta (got home a 9pm last night, and wasn’t up for much else), apple slices, humongous grapes.

This was just the right size when I got to it, around 3pm due to an appointment with my psychologist, which I’ll blog about in a little bit….