Bento for 2009-12-07

Breakfast Bento: one of my two-tiered bento affairs, because it would be cruel to cram the Sally Lunn bread into a round container.

McIntosh homemade applesauce in the top container (which has a fitted plastic lid), laid over muesli—you can’t see the muesli here, but by the time I opened the bento on the ferry, the muesli was nicely infused in the applesauce.

The bottom tier has Sally Lunn bread, crusts off, with a teeny container of strawberry jam. The Sally Lunn is a recipe from Bread Machine Magic, and really does taste like a bread version of a poundcake.

This a much more traditional—well, as much as “modern” can be traditional—bento box, the tiers held together by a band. The cloth bag is traditionalish too, though not the spoon.

Lunch Bento: thawed squash/yam bisque, random teriyaki noodle leftovers, a boiled egg (I bought a cheap egg slicer for the first time ever the past weekend), and the sinful applesauce, which is made from Winesaps. And is an awesome dessert applesauce.

Maybe I’ll try for artistic this week. I made tiny vegan meatloaves over the weekend (ground walnuts, ground toasted cashews, lentils, parsley, spices, bread crumbs, and almond butter. They’re really quite good…).