Two-Boxed Bento!

So I went insane and got another Laptop Lunch bento for breakfasts. It’s difficult to put bread into the more cramped traditonal bento boxes.


McIntosh Applesauce, muesli on top with a heart cutout that actually survived transit via the container being full up to the lid. Sally Lunn bread sliced up for strawberry-rhuburb jam dippin’. I really look forwards to this kind of breakfast.

Lunch came with vegan protein:

I mixed up the applesauce (small) container with the, well, random small items container. The stripes did not survive, alas.

The vegan pate (baked eggplant, cooked lentils, finely chopped walnuts, tofu, parsley, spices) tastes pretty much like meat pate, almost indistinguishable. The honey bread was a fine accompliant. The tiny meatloafs are obscured by the sliced egg—really, they should have been in the applesauce container, with glazed carrots or something.

Currently my burden. Pink goes in the laptop bag, green is for ferry breakfast enjoyment.

I need more fruit, dammit. I could fit in fruit for snacks in the extra space in either box.

Also, I need my blender to come in the post so I can try making this vegan mayonaise and then have fun with egg and waldorf salad. And hopefully the next vegan meatloaf batch will work out well enough to make scotch eggs with.