Bento for 2009-12-17

It’s been a shake for breakfast these days, because I adore my new blender. (For the curious, the Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothie recipe generates about 600+ ml of yummy morning goodness. This is the normal size for
smoothies in America, land of the quarter-pound cheeseburger.)

On the bright side of things lately, bento does get me into work on otherwise rather difficult days. (Yesterday was a little bit harder than most, so it had no bento in it. On the other hand, someone not incompetent now holds my mortgage, or nearly so, YIPPEE.)

Lunch: rice, mabo tofu (it does have meat in most versions too; this has vegetarian crumbles instead), mandarin orange slices (because there is no more applesauce), and adhock microwaved eggs, emphasis on the hock.

Note on the rice: I have a fuzzy logic rice cooker (two, actually) so I put rice and water in it the night before and set it to finish in the morning. And as per the usual with bento involving rice, let the rice cool down before closing the bento (or, as the case may be, laptop lunch) box.

Note on the mabo tofu: in this case it’s made from the Asian version of “Hamburger Helper”; you can buy pre-made sauce (variety of hotness and brands available; mine is the mild House Foods version) and then just add browned ground pork/chicken/etc and cubed firm tofu. Like many things, mabo tofu is probably best made from scratch, but this is a pretty good approximation.