Bento for 2009-12-18

Early post for a change. Breakfast is a smoothie because they still fascinate me.

Lunch: Indian curried potatoe cauliflour coconut milk stew (from The Vegetarian Slow Cooker), store-bought naaaaaaan, two gyoza and plum sauce, and orange slices in the current drought of applesauce. (Trust me, that’s getting fixed this weekend.)

Note about the little sauce container that comes with a laptop lunch kit: it can hold enough sauce for dipping somewhere over half-a-dozen gyozas. This is better than a lot of sauce containers that can be found for more traditional bento.

I’m starting to like my lunches (and even breakfasts) now that I have more of a clue as to what I like. At this point they’re nicer than a lot of the quickie lunch places.