A Strange Little Career Budding

I have some advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the publishing game.

The biggest advantage is that I don’t write to live; it’s something I do on the side of a healthy and interesting job.

The biggest disadvantage is that my wonderful job results in a direct conflict of interest when it comes to entering a publishing contract with publishers.

This pushes me out of the traditional arena, effectively, where people are quite welcome to point and laugh, and they should do so. They’re quite justified.

But I have a plan. Although Phase A, Get Better at Writing, is still continuing.

For Phase B, is to get work out there of a suitably high enough quality into ebook formats that I generate myself (another big advantage; I don’t have to pay others exorbitant amounts to do this). I’m not going to try to get into circulation through the normal way, with physical books and book store distribution, because that’s not feasible for one author.

For Phase C, let the marketing fall where it may. Mostly it would occur via networking and word of mouth, and hopefully during my trip through phases A and B I will have been able to get advice and… mumblemumblemumble ssszzzzzz