The Gift of Fear: a Review and Meditation on Kindle Exclusiveness

Interesting. The Gift of Fear is now a Kindle exclusive book. I don’t mind that, seeing as a Kindle book can be read on multiple platforms (PC, Mac, iPhone, the Kindle readers of course, and who knows what else, though at this point perhaps never a Nook or Sony Reader). And the paper version has been available for quite some time, and has been for a while. I have one under the bed, for specific kinds of emotional emergencies, like intense, paralyzing paranoia.

I strongly recommend this book, not exactly because it covers coping with the after-effects of abuse in particular, as much as explaining why fear should not be… ah… feared or shameful. Abject fear can be a killer’s greatest weapon against you, not to mention a long-term abuser’s; but you can also use fear to your advantage, letting it be a warning but not freezing you when you most urgently need to act.

And yes, it’s a horrible fact that this book has this large of an audience, this large of a sucking need in the world, but it’s neither a hoax nor an over-dramatization, and it’s definitely not one of those get-rich-quick schemes that only wants to take advantage of the fearful. I’m saying this bit because people who’ve never been in these situations tend to scoff at the book, which I suppose is the privilege of people who’ve never had to be afraid for their lives.

As for the Kindle-exclusive strategy: this kind of strategy may not work for other authors, but it will likely work to de Becker’s advantage, because he’s a top-tier author and this is a rather famous book in a lot of circles, and thus his platform and audience and marketing is more or less already there—which is not necessarily the case for others. And as mentioned previously, a Kindle book can be read on multiple platforms now, so the audience is certainly not limited to those who only have Kindle readers.